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Reason to hire  J and C Building cleaning for your cleaning

About us

We Clean Corners,

We don't cut them 

We have been providing janitorial services to Ottawa and the surrounding area since 1988, and we want to fulfill your janitorial needs.


At J & C Building Cleaning, our core philosophy is to provide our clients with professionalism and cleaning personnel who are committed to giving them the quality service they deserve. We communicate with our clients regularly to ensure that they are fully satisfied and that we address any concerns.

We have established ourselves as honest, reliable, and accommodating in meeting the clientele’s needs. We take these attributes very seriously and ensure all our employees hold the same values.

We believe we are the right choice for you. We understand that each company has a unique culture and desire, and we can meet these to guarantee ongoing success.


Call us today to set up a meeting so we can discuss your current or future needs.

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