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Welcome to J and C Building Cleaning

On behalf of our big family of fellow associates, owners, vendors, customers, and management we want to welcome you to our team.

At J and C Building Cleaning, we believe that every team member contributes to our growth and is also rewarded equally.


Our vision is to establish ourselves as being honest, reliable, and accommodating in meeting the clientele's needs. We take these attributes very seriously and into consideration when searching for employees to ensure they hold the same values.

This employee section of the website will provide the following


  • ​The application that needs to be completed 

  • Tax Forms 

  • Auto Deposit form 

  • Tax Forms 

  • Employee Handbook 

  • Training Videos 


This is a simple way to describe the expectations of our team members and outline the policy and procedures we follow to provide the absolute best service experience possible.

All team members are expected to become familiar with the contents of this handbook in the first 30 days of employment and share all questions they may have with management.

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Please complete the forms and either email them back to us or submit them on training day 

Download Form >

Terms and Conditions 

Please complete the forms and either email back to us or submit them on training day 

Tax Forms 

Please complete the forms and either email back to us or submit them on training day 

Employee Handbook

Please review the employee handbook within your first 30 days of employment 

Auto Deposit 

We Pay by auto Deposit, if you cant complete online registration please complete form 

Download Foms >

Video Training 

Please Complete the following Video training once hired. It is important that you review all videos and take note of the instructions. These Videos will train you on cleaning protocols for all our employees and other important training news. 

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