3 Step sparkle system 
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sparkle check

Let the sparkle on your desk be OUR responsibility 

We believe our employees are the key to our company and to client satisfaction. We have strived to build an inclusive culture where we all work as a team to ensure all needs are being met.


Our training and success are built on our three-step sparkle check, where we spend the time training and developing new and current staff. Below is a description of our unique sparkle check. 

Extensive Training

New staff who are qualified to clean are hard to come by. Once we find the right people through interviewing and reference checks, we take the time to train them, including:


  1. Instruction on the safety of products (including the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System or WHMIS).

  2. Before new staff members start their in-house training, we require them to watch videos on cleaning techniques so that they can come prepared.

  3. On their first shift the J & C Building Cleaning trainer starts the contract and walks them through all duties and requirements. This includes showing washrooms, kitchens, garbage disposal, alarm codes, etc.

  4. Our training staff will do hands-on training, taking the lead to demonstrate and then watch the new employee in order to catch any errors. At the end of the shift, they recite nightly duties to the trainer to ensure thorough understanding of the process.

  5. On day two a trainer will arrive 30 minutes before completion to perform an inspection and go over any mistakes to help correct them and review nightly duties.

  6. On day four we have a phone call with the employee, once they have finished, to have them walk us through the duties they completed. After this we inspect their work to ensure our quality is being met and address any concerns or issues.


We run a full inspection every three weeks on ALL contracts. At this point, we review supplies and the quality of cleaning from our team. The new employee will receive a full report with explanations on what was correct and what needs work. If we notice continued errors, we will take the time and retrain staff to ensure they are on top of the requirements.

Inspections Reports

Upon completion of an inspection, we inform the client and advise of any actions we have taken to ensure their satisfaction. Lines of communications are always open.

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