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How important is Commercial Cleaning in 2022

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

In the midst of midst of changing conditions and evolving COVID Safe settings in Ottawa and around Canada, it can be difficult to know what’s around the corner for your business. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to reassure everyone who attends your premises, including professional commercial cleaning services.

The importance of quality commercial cleaning

Whether you’re managing an office, retail space, dental or medical facility, or anything where the public comes face to face it’s important to reassure everyone who walks in the door that they’re entering a safe and hygienic space. Visitors, customers, employees, parents, clients, suppliers – they all deserve better than to walk into unclean facilities.

So, how can you provide the right first impression & peace of mind for everyone on-premises?

It’s important that:

1. Clutter is kept tidied away

2. Surfaces are regularly cleaned of dirt, grime, and organic matter, and

3. Pre-emptive disinfecting services are carried out, to eliminate viruses and other germs.

Ensuring the right surface disinfection is complete is a particularly important consideration in 2022 to help minimize the spread of illness. While it can be a common misconception that ‘visibly clean’ is clean enough, it’s this final disinfection step that really ensures bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens are kept at bay.

Types of commercial cleaning in Ottawa that can provide reassurance in 2022

Your commercial cleaning service could be a vital service to assess and optimize this year because hygiene and wellbeing are at front of the mind for so many people. Consider the following services and how they might apply to your business.

Office Cleaning If you have employees returning to the office, they’ll want to know their surroundings are safe and sanitized. Quality office cleaning services will ensure bins are emptied, surfaces are regularly disinfected, and your office space shines.

  • Business Cleaning There are many other businesses requiring quality cleaning plans in addition to Office cleaning in and around Ottawa Cafés, restaurants, retail shops, and shopping centers right through to industrial cleaning: these each warrant experienced commercial cleaners and a tailored cleaning strategy.

  • Medical and Dental Cleaning Thorough and accurate medical and dental cleaning is essential, particularly given the newly-transmissible Omicron strain of COVID-19. Surface disinfectant on services and special response cleaning is more important than ever in this space, so be sure to work with a fully trained cleaning team.

If you are looking for higher-quality commercial cleaning in and around Ottawa, J and C Building Cleaning offers exceptionally qualified cleaning teams and robust quality management practices. These ensure your unique cleaning plan is carried out accurately every time for peace of mind. Contact us today at 613-851-3393 to arrange a quote.

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