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Have a COLD Free Season!

The common cold season is here. No one we know maybe ill with the flu just yet, but we all know it's only a matter of time before it makes its way into our community. If you clean your house and take care of yourself, you may feel more prepared for this potentially deadly infection. WebMD provides advice on how to stay healthy and prevent contracting the flu this season.

You should receive a flu shot as a first step. You and your loved ones will be safer from the flu if you follow our advice. Guarantee that EVERYONE receives one. Plus, keep in mind that your body needs two weeks to produce antibodies against the flu after getting a flu vaccine. Early vaccination increases protection against the virus.

Next up is tidying up. Experts on the flu believe that this virus can cause a lot of harm, yet the virus itself cannot survive for long outside the body. The research that has looked at this question has consistently found that the range is between a few minutes to 24 hours at the longest. However, the virus can survive on hard surfaces for the longest periods, thus it is best to start there while cleaning. Toys, doorknobs, countertops, handles, faucets, keyboards, remote controls, and buttons can all benefit from being cleaned with an antibacterial spray or wipe.

Finally, maintain frequent hand washing to limit the spread of viruses. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly before eating, after shaking hands, and after using the restroom. You can use whichever soap you like; what matters most is that you give your hands a good, lengthy scrub to remove all traces of germs before rinsing.

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