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5 KPIs Your Hired Commercial Cleaning Team Should be Meeting!

Setting out clear and measurable KPIs can ensure everyone is on the same page and sets a high standard for your cleaners to meet, exceed and maintain over time. Importantly, it also supports a clear course of action should those KPIs not be met – whether for office, Condo, Medical / dental office cleaning.

So what should Commercial Cleaning KPIs include?

There are five essential pillars we focus on when defining KPIs for clients at AMC Commercial Cleaning. These core elements outlined in our performance measurement matrix are:


Ultimately, you’ll want to be confident that cleaning work is completed when and as you want it done, and carried out to your full satisfaction on an ongoing basis. Our KPIs within this area measure timeliness, due care, efficiency and overall satisfaction. Communication is essential, and we’re regularly in touch to ensure nothing is being overlooked or falling by the wayside. Certain areas such as medical cleaning and industrial cleaning will require a specific set of standards to be met, and we work closely with each client to clearly define these.


We know how important cleaning is to the health, wellbeing, and peace of mind of both your staff and customers and how vital it is that you’ll have access to support and information when you need it. That’s why we measure several KPI aspects within the area of service, including inquiry response times, the ability to provide alternate resources if plans change, and meeting regularity.


You have enough on your plate without hidden costs or delays.

Simplicity is a KPI area that’s often overlooked by other cleaning services, but it matters a great deal to most customers. We monitor and measure the accuracy and timeliness of our invoicing, make all costs clear, and assess how many new efficiency initiatives we develop each year.

Safety Safety is essential both for cleaning teams and your own. There should be safety checks and balances in place with your cleaning contractors, including maintaining insurance certificates and compliance standards; monitoring injury trends to spot any problems; as well as screening, training, and consulting cleaners to maintain rigorous safety standards. With J and C Building Cleaning you can expect the same safety and quality standards across the board in and around Ottawa including surrounding areas.


Whether we’re talking about cleaning a medical facility or maintaining the cleanliness of your public facilities, sustainable measures help to ensure resources are being used in a way that’s safe for both people and the environment. Therefore, it’s an important KPI area to deliver on. We ensure that J and C Building Cleaning uses efficient chemicals so you can enjoy a sparkling clean environment along with peace of mind.

Put simply, by monitoring and measuring the right qualities on an ongoing basis, it’s possible to ensure consistent and high-quality cleaning over the long term. J and C Building Cleaning provides meticulous cleaning services throughout Ottawa and the surrounding area.

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