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Office Buildings

We can clean any type of office in any field, no matter how big or small, as quickly as possible and to the best standards. Sweep, clean, mop, toilets, kitchens, all covered

Pressure Washing

We can strip and reseal your vinyl and linoleum floors, buff them, reseal them, and repair them to perfection.

No office is to small in Ottawa for us to clean call us

Do you need a skilled cleaner to take care of the mess in your office or business? J and C Building Cleaning is your best bet. We offer cleaning services for businesses and offices of all kinds.


You can hire us to clean your business in Ottawa at prices that are reasonable.


Offices and other commercial properties need to be cleaned and sanitized on a frequent basis. We take care of every part of commercial cleaning so that the workers can work in a clean and healthy environment. You can count on us to help you find the best way to clean your business or office area.


Our commercial cleaning services are free of danger because they are part of a contract.


  • Develop a cleaning schedule that suits your needs

  • Clean all common floor, stairwells and carpets

  • Window and doors cleaned, included disinfecting of handles and push buttons 

  • Dust and polish all common areas

  • Washrooms and laundry room cleaned 

  • Elevators and stairs polished 

  • Waste and Recycling management 

    and more 

We have a simple routine for cleaning your Office Building.

When you call J and C Building Cleaning, you can be sure that you will get turnkey cleaning solutions because we are one of the best industrial and office cleaning companies in Ottawa.

You can afford great cleaning services

For most Canadians, their job in Ottawa is like a second home. As an office manager or business owner, you can't let dirty floors or windows hurt your company's image. Not only does a poorly maintained commercial space make a bad impression on current and future customers, but it can also put the health of your staff in serious danger. A clean and well-kept office area can make employees more productive and give clients and visitors a great first impression.

J and C Building Cleaning offers cleaning services that are tailored to each client's needs and are priced fairly. We also promise that all of our cleaning jobs will be done well. Our cleaners make sure to keep the best quality standards, and you can count on us to be totally honest. If you're still not sure, here are some more reasons why office and business owners in Ottawa trust us:

  • Our team is made up of certified and trained office cleaners who are pros at all kinds and sizes of cleaning jobs.

  • We offer complete safety, ease of use, and openness.

  • The cleaning services are made to fit your unique building and budget.

  • We've made the planning and payment processes as easy as possible so you don't have to worry about keeping your business clean.

  • We preform regular inspections to ensure top Quality 

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