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Our Story

Randy Price, the former owner of J & C Building Cleaning, was working full-time for the federal government when his wife Carolyn quit her job to raise their children. Randy got a night job cleaning to help make money for his family.

During this time, the cleaning company where Randy worked went out of business. Randy chose to start his own cleaning business. He registered J & C Building Cleaning with the Ontario government and took over the cleaning contract with the company he was working for.


Financial Graphs


J&C Building Cleaning is growing and will continue to grow. It has open part-time hours and helps people in the community who want to make extra money.


Randy's son Michael Price has worked for J & C Cleaning since he was 12 years old. At first, he helped clean, but in 2009, he started helping with marketing and training.

July 2021

On July 1, 2021, Randy retired and Michael took over the business.

Michael quit his job in the private sector to chase his dream of running J & C Cleaning as his full-time job. Over the last 15 years, he has worked hard to help many people in Ottawa find jobs and to build the J & C Building Cleaning business, making sure that all employees get the right training and that customers are well taken care of.

Since the beginning, J & C Building has been a success story, and it now has cleaning contracts all across Ottawa and surrounding areas. 


"We are a small cleaning company by nature, which means we can give each business that trusts J & C Building Cleaning with their cleaning needs the personal attention they deserve." Mike Price.

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