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J and C Building Cleaning Handbook

At J and C Building Cleaning, we believe that every team member contributes to our growth and is also rewarded equally. Our vision is to establish ourselves as being honest, reliable, and accommodating in meeting the clientele's needs. We take these attributes very seriously and into consideration when searching for employees to ensure they hold the same values.


This employee handbook is a simple way to describe the expectations of our team members and outline the policy and procedures we follow to provide the absolute best service experience possible.

All team members are expected to become familiar with the contents of this handbook in the first 30 days of employment and share all questions they may have with management.

Timekeeping Clock and hours

Each contract has an expected time of cleaning tagged to this role, if you are receiving payment for 4 hours a night this is your timekeeping and expected time for duties to be completed.


As this is a work on your role and at your own pace, we do not have a time-keeping program set up but have a predetermined allotted time for contract completion. With this we expect each contract and each team member to complete all duties required, with little to no complaints as we ensure we provide more than enough time for payment to ensure can fully complete your cleaning.


Uniform and Dress code

J and C Building Cleaning has uniform t-shits only for customer-facing clients, if you are not customer-facing you will be required to follow the dress code minus t-shirt

Management, Sales, and administrative employees must wear:

  • Business Casual (Pants and golf shirts)

  • Maintain a clean, groomed appearance.

  • No heavily scented perfumes or other strong/unpleasant odors (these can cause allergic reactions, migraines, and respiratory difficulty for some employees).


Customer-facing Employees must wear:

  • T-shirts issued by J and C Building Cleaning; we provide 2 per staff.

  • Safe, solid color closed-toe, non-slip shoes that are safe from injury.

  • Jeans with no rips and solid color or pants.

    • Clothing must be clean, in good condition, and neat

  • Shorts with no rips and solid color or black. Shorts must be at least 2 inched above the knees

    • Clothing must be clean, in good condition, and neat.

  • Limited jewelry and no dangling large hoops.


Non-Customer-facing Employees must wear:

  • T-shirt, Sweater, or long sleeves are permitted as long as they are clean.

  • Safe, solid color closed-toe, non-slip shoes that are safe from injury.

  • Jeans, sweat pants or pants.

    • Clothing must be clean, in good condition, and neat

  • Shorts with no rips and solid color or black. Shorts must be at least 2 inched above the knees

    • Clothing must be clean, in good condition, and neat.

Limited jewelry and no dangling large hoops.

Direct Deposit and Pay

J and C Building Cleaning uses direct deposit for pay, funds will be transferred to team members’ accounts on the following Schedule.


1st of each month
16th of each month


If either date falls on a weekend we pay before the weekend of the holiday

We include 4% vacation pay on each pay

We do not pay for sick days or vacations; time off will result in not being paid

Statutory holidays are not paid out if not worked, we offer day shifting for scheduling purpose 



The following classifications are assigned in the event of a termination

Resigned- voluntary employee

Discharged- involuntary initiated by The Company,

Layoff- layoff by J and C Building Cleaning but eligible to work again when hours are available


All employees are required to provide a two-week notice when resigning from any positions.


All employees are provided ample support, and reasons for termination can be as follows but not limited.

  1. Not showing up for cleaning with no notice. This will result in immediate termination unless medical emergency.

  2. Excessive sick leave or sick days. Notice of such actions will be advised to team members.

  3. Theft of damage

  4. Calling in sick on Sunday after 5 pm when the contract is available to clean all weekend

  5. Complaints, we will do our best to work with each team member to ensure clients’ satisfaction. If complaints are persistent, we will use the following notifications

    • Email notification of the complaint, and conversation over the phone. We will retrain and inspect on issues at hand

    • Email notification of the complaint, conversation in person, and retention on a full contract. We will complete active inspections. We will provide verbal notice

    • Email and phone conversation of complaint, review for persistency of issues.  A written notice will be provided of the next complaint will end with the termination of employment.

    • Termination


Upon termination, all equipment, keys, and uniform are expected to be returned and until such time we will hold final pay and ROE. Once we received it, we will complete the final payment.


This will only happen in the case of loss of contracts, at this point we will do our best to utilize you in a new role and or find a new contract to support your hours.


All new hires will be provided the following training.

  • Safety of products (including WHIMIS)

  • Share videos on "how to clean" these are simple videos on cleaning techniques for new staff so they can come prepared on the first day of training.

  • The first shift J and C Building Cleaning trainer starts the contract and walks them through all duties requirements expected, this includes showing washrooms, kitchens garbage disposal, alarm codes, etc.

  • Our training staff will do hands-on training, taking the lead to show "as an example" and then watch as they do it to catch any errors or mistakes made. At end of the shift, they will have them recite nightly duties to ensure understanding of the process.

  • On day 2 we arrive 30 min before completion, we will do an inspection and go over any mistakes we see to help correct them and review nightly duties.


We provide hours of cleaning for example we say 4 hours per night between 4 pm – 11p, this means you can clean any time between those hours. If you are expected to clean on a weekend please know if you call in sick on a Sunday after 4p you will be provided a written warning as you are advised not to wait until Sunday evening to complete cleaning.


Smoking any substance legal or illegal including cigarettes, pipes, e-cigarettes, and vaping is strictly prohibited during work hours on any company property or customer property.

Equipment Use

Associates are prohibited from using company equipment, tools, and vehicles for personal use or after work hours for any reason. Written consent must be given by the owner only to use company property for personal use.

Spouse / Children or nonemployee on the premises

You must have permission from Michael Price for any extra person on premises. If permission is not asked for and not granted J and C Building cleaning will not be held responsible for damage, theft, or injury of unauthorized persons on premises.


Employee Files

All employee or personnel files are the property of J and C Building Cleaning and restricted to the owner/human resource manager. This may include application, evaluations, compensation, vacation time, and write-ups.


Probation Period

A probationary period of 30 days is given to all new hires. Any extended absences will extend the period equally. This period gives management time to evaluate performance and find the best possible fit for any new hire.

In the event management deems it necessary to extend the period, J and C Building Cleaning reserves the right for a specific period. (Example 30 days)


Applications and Resumes

This company relies on the information provided by all applicants in the form of applications, resumes or references. If information is found to be inaccurate or falsified later J and C Building Cleaning reserves the right to enforce disciplinary action which may include termination.



We complete inspections of your quality of work every 3 weeks. Upon these inspections, we will advise team members of any issues found and work with them to ensure this is handled and addressed.


Job Description

Every new hire will be issued a job description including a summary of the job, specific duties, daily tasks to be completed, and checklists that need to be handed in. Each associate is obligated to familiarize themselves and follow the job description given for that position.

J and C Building Cleaning may revise or rewrite job descriptions occasionally to fit with changes within the industry or service practices. Each associate will be given an updated



The following holidays are observed by J and C Building Cleaning:

  • New Year's Day

  • Good Friday

  • Victoria Day

  • Canada Day

  • Labour Day

  • Christmas day


Each contract has its own set of parameters, most will be closed and or moved to the next day for service. Please address all concerns with the Manager/ Owner

Customer Service

In any service organization, customer relations are our most asset. Every associate representing J and C needs to be aware of every action we take with our customers and the public at large. People judge us by how they are treated with every contact we make. Our priority is assisting customers and potential customers in any business need we can. This means but is not limited to being friendly, helpful, polite, positive, and most importantly on time.

It's important to remember our contact with the public is not only a reflection of ourselves but also our associates and company culture.



Employment with J and C Building Cleaning is 100% voluntary and every employee is free to resign at any time. J and C Building Cleaning may also terminate employment at any time by the Ontario labor laws.

The following policies have been created by management and can be amended, altered, or canceled at the discretion of the owner with employee knowledge. Associates will be given a copy of any future changes or additions promptly.

Employee Compensation

J and C Building Cleaning believes that the wages and benefits offered are competitive for the cleaning industry in our specific geographic area. If any associate has concerns or questions about compensation, we encourage them to schedule an appointment with Michael for discussion.

We believe an open and honest relationship can be a benefit to both management and associates.


Equal Opportunity Employer

All employment, promotions, and training opportunities are provided based solely on merit and employee evaluations. J and C Building Cleaning does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or any other characteristic protected by law.

Any questions or concerns should be brought immediately to Michael, this includes facing any issues while on-premise cleaning and doing duties,


Discrimination will not be tolerated for any reason. An investigation will take place and any associates involved subject to disciplinary action.



Any allegations are to be brought forward immediately to Michael, do not wait and give it time, please call him As soon as possible to share experience This is not limited to employees but also pertains to working on-premise at a client’s location.

If you feel threatened or frightened, please call the police and then contact us, if this is an ongoing issue, please advise Michael and we will be sure to address such concerns. Please vacate the premises and contact us.

Our safety priority is for our team members

Ethics In the Workplace

To serve our customers at the highest level possible the reputation of the Commercial Cleaning Company is of the highest priority. Our reputation for integrity applies to not only the letter of a law but also the spirit.


Our success is dependent on the trust of our fellow associates, vendors, and customers. All associates are required to refrain from any illegal and unethical conduct while under the employment of the company.


When questions arise immediately contact Michael, In today’s social media world even, a small unethical act can have a snowball effect and harm not only J and C Building Cleaning but also every associate employed.


It’s critical to always think of the long-term view of our decisions and not just the immediate gratification.


Business Conflicts

Team members must report all transactions with vendors, clients, and any outside firms we conduct business with. This includes but is not limited to kickbacks, bribes, free work, free product, price breaks, or any quid pro quo (I give you this and you give me that).


Any family members and/or personal relationships with outside firms must be reported to management. This can include ownership stakes, management roles, employment, etc.


The existence of a relationship doesn’t preclude J and C Building Cleaning from conducting business with an associates family member but does need to be reported.


NON-Disclosure Agreement

All employees are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement as a condition of employment. Employees who improperly use or disclose trade secrets or confidential business information will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment and legal action, even if they do not benefit from the disclosed information.


* Compensation data

* Having own cleaning business or home cleaning service on the side

* Existing client list

* Gaining any inside information for personal gain.

* Soliciting contracts for personal gain (starting a new business)

* Research and development strategies

* Customer lists

* Scientific data

* Marketing strategies

* Technological prototypes

Employment Categories

REGULAR FULL TIME- this status is designated for associates who have passed the 90-day probationary period and are scheduled 40 hours per week regularly. Full-time benefits only apply to associates scheduled to work for 40 hours.

PART-TIME- is designated for 30 hours a week or less of scheduled hours regularly and has passed the 90-day probation period


PROBATIONARY-  the first 30 days of employment during which no benefits apply, and performance will be evaluated to determine long-term classification.


CONTRACT- contract basis is for associates assigned to specific short-term or temporary projects. No benefits apply


CASUAL- designated for intermittent scheduling or on-call, as-needed basis.

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