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Pressure Cleaning Services

Pressure cleaning is a creative way to clean that can be used on a variety of surfaces and finishes. By clearing the dirt and grime that has built up over time, regular pressure cleaning gives surfaces their original shine back.

Pressure Washing

We can strip and reseal your vinyl and linoleum floors, buff them, reseal them, and repair them to perfection.

J and C Stripping and waxing

Floor stripping and waxing is a way to get rid of dirt, waste, and old wax from certain types of floors, such as linoleum, vinyl, and hardwood. This method takes more and more work, and even professional cleaners sometimes make mistakes when they fix and keep floors.

Most of these floor cleaning and waxing mistakes are easy to avoid with the right care and steps. Here are some of the most common mistakes you should try to avoid when cleaning and waxing a business floor: 


Getting too little Waxing done

Every day, a lot of people walk on commercial floors, which is why they need to be waxed often. Some businesses, on the other hand, plan to clean their floors only once in a while and not worry about it again for a long time. Wax, which is meant to cover the industrial surface, wears down pretty quickly when a lot of people walk on it.

Even if your business floor looks fine, this doesn't mean that you don't need to wax it again. All floors need to be stripped and cleaned from time to time so that damage doesn't spread. Depending on how often people walk through your building, you can strip the floor as needed. If you're not sure when to strip and wax your industrial floor, talk to a commercial floor cleaner who knows what they're doing. They can help you make a plan for stripping and waxing your floor.

Service includes the following


  • Before we strip and wax your floors, we will check with you to make sure they are clean. During our pre-cleaning inspection, we will ask you specific questions about your floor. 

  • We'll take away all of your furniture, rugs, and smaller things. The floors are then cleaned, vacuumed, and mopped with water that isn't too hot or too cold. The floor will be stripped and waxed from the point farthest from the exit all the way to the exit. We'll use the stripper to break up the old wax, then let it sit for the right amount of time.

  • Once the floor is ready, we will use a pad on our floor machine to remove the wax buildup and the floor stripping and waxing residue. The surface of the floor is then made neutral by rinsing it with a green neutralizing solution.

  • We'll talk about how much floor sealer and wax you need based on the type of floor and how it's used. Before the wax is put on, the newly sealed floor will be buffed with a floor machine. If needed, the floor will be buffed again after the wax has dried.

  • We always want to make sure you're happy, so before we leave, we'll do a post-inspection with you.

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